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  • Course Level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Total Hours: 16+
  • Language: Urdu
  • Trainer: Hamza Yousaf
  • Total Lectures: 7 (71 Videos in total)
  • Course Model: Online Lectures 
  • Course Requirements:  Laptop, Internet, and a desire to Learn


Why ProsLancers?

Often many people are inclined towards free courses and training, but they forget that proper after support and mentorship is an essential need in the whole training process. With the mission to digitize Pakistan, ProsLancer's Paid Courses are associated with 1-1 support, question-answer sessions, and responsibility for changing and keeping the course content up-to-date with the trend levels. This whole process is backed by a small fee we charge for enrollment.

Who should Join?

All students/people are thrilled to enter the digital world with a passion for learning and earning money. Even If You're an absolute beginner, this course starts with an initial core concept where you will be mentally prepared first before going to the actual content of the course.

What skills you'll learn?

Many new people desire to enter the digital world, but they are unsure where to start or what skills to learn? I was the same five years ago. That is why our every course begins with the initial goal to divert your mindset into the digital world then begins the course content, which in this case are:

  • Digital World
  • Dropshipping Business Model in the USA, UK, etc.
  • Actual Budget Required
  • Shopify vs. other Platforms
  • Payment gateways
  • Uk company overview
  • Registering company in the UK (Live)
  • UK Mobile Number (Live)
  • UK virtual Address (Live)
  • UK VPS (Live)
  • UK Bank account (Live)
  • UK PayPal (Live)
  • Company tax matters
  • Stripe (Live)
  • Product science in Dropshipping
  • Product Criteria
  • Product hunting tricks (Live)
  • Product sourcing and supplier (Live)
  • Order fulfillment Process
  • Introduction to Shopify
  • Live Store Building
  • Decent Logo Designing
  • Product Page optimizations
  • Uploading, Optimizing Products
  • Graphics Designing of Products
  • Products Videos
  • Products reviews
  • Upsells science and setting up (Live)
  • Ordering from Supplier
  • Marketing Science
  • Google ads (overview)
  • TikTok ads, Snapchat ads (Overview)
  • SEO (Overview)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Overview)
  • Email Marketing (Live, Full)
  • Facebook Marketing for dropshipping (Full lecture)
  • Some tips for working in Upwork & Fiverr (Live)
  • Other essential tips for the future.
  • Tips for getting paid in Pakistan legally from abroad.

*Many do's and don'ts would be shared throughout the course.

Options after this course?

With the expanding digital world, options are countless. With the skills mentioned above, This course would enable you to provide many services to your clients. Our last section is based on providing you with a direction.

How to enroll?

To enroll in this course, Please click on the "Take this course" button and sign up.

Course Content

1. Introduction & Mindset Grooming
2. Company/Pay-Pal Registration Guide
3. Product Research Analysis
4. Dropshipping Suppliers and ERP's
5. Creating a Shopify Website
6. Optimizing Stores with Products
7. Marketing Introduction
8. Facebook Marketing Part 1
9. Facebook Marketing Part 2
10. Putting it all into Action
Local E-commerce Lecture 1: Local Ecommerce Introduction
Local E-commerce Lecture 2: The Product in Local Market
Local E-commerce Lecture 3: Marketing Part 1
Local E-commerce Lecture 4: Marketing Part 2
Q/A Sessions & Course Updates. (This section is for future updates of the course with the Latest Digital Trends)
A gift for All of You.