Complete Freelance Content Writing Workshop

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Trainer: Arooba Ibrahim

Course Level: Beginner - Advanced

Total Hours: 12+

Language: Urdu

Total Lectures: 5, (49 Videos in Total)

Course Model: Video Series

Course Requirements: Laptop, Internet, and a desire to Learn

Course Outline

Lecture 1: Introduction/Mindset & Lec 1 QUIZ
1.1. My Introduction
1.2. About Content Writing
1.3. Skills you will Learn
1.4. Income Streams
1.5. What is content writing?
1.6. Types of Writing
LEC 1 QUIZ (Say Hello to Writing)
Lecture 2: Art of Article Writing & Lec 2 QUIZ
2.1. Niche and its types (2 Topics)
2.2. Options in Niche
2.3. Pro Writing Tips (2 Topics)
2.4. Blog Research Methods
2.5. Article Outline
2.6. Introduction to plagiarism
2.7. Tools for Plagiarism
2.8. Grammar Tools
LEC 2 QUIZ (write your niche)
Lecture 3: SEO Writing & Lec 3 QUIZ
3.1. Concept of SEO
3.2. Introduction to keywords
3.3. Search Intent & Keywords
3.4. Keyword Usage with example
3.5. SEO Headings
3.6. SEO Tools
3.7. Hyperlinking Concept
3.8. & 3.9. Paraphrasing and Editing Tips
3.10. SEO Tips
LEC 3 QUIZ (Consuming SEO Knowledge)
Lecture 4: All about Affiliate Marketing & Lec 4 QUIZ
4.1. What is Affiliate Marketing
4.2. Scope of Affiliate Marketing
4.3. Product Research Criteria
4.4. Types of Articles in Affiliate Blog
4.5. Commercial Articles & Headings
4.6. Affiliate Articles Research Methods
4.7. Tips to write Affiliate Introduction
4.8. Affiliate Writing Tips
4.9. Writing Product Descriptions
4.10. Affiliate Article Components
4.11. Writing Buying Guides
4.12. FAQs and Takeaway Guide
4.13. Managing Wordcounts
4.14. SEO in Affiliate Articles
LEC 4 QUIZ (Further Testing)
Lecture 5: Showcase your Freelance Writing Skills
5.1. Creating a strong Portfolio
5.2. Publishing your Portfolio
5.3. Avoiding Writing Scams
5.4. Payment Gateways
5.5. Freelance Writing Platforms  (3 Topics)
5.6. Proposal Writing Do’s and Don’ts
5.7. Further Guidance on Proposal Writing
5.8. Introduction to AI (Artificial Intelligence for Writing)
5.9. Important Guidelines
Proven Case Studies
Case Study 1
Case Study 2

A short assignment for all

Q/A Sessions & Future Updates:
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In this digital era of time, it is really important to get into the digital world and learn new skills.

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This course would open many opportunities and also allow you to earn some additional money.

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