Complete Shopify Dropshipping Course

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Trainer: Hamza Yousaf

Course Level: Beginner - Advanced

Total Hours: 28+

Language: Urdu

Total Lectures: 7, (71 Videos in Total)

Bonus Lectures: 3, (20 Videos)

Course Model: Video Series

Course Requirements: Laptop, Internet, and a desire to Learn

Course Outline

Lecture 1: Introduction & Mindset Grooming
1.0 About Lecture 1
1.1. General Grooming and Beginning
1.2. My Introduction
1.3. What Skills you will Learn?
1.4. Multiple Income Streams
1.5. Dropshipping Business Model
1.6. Shopify vs Other Platforms
1.7. Prerequisites of doing DS from PK
1.8. Investment Required
1.9. Business or Freelancing?
1.10. Cost Breakdown in Beginning
1.11. General Do’s and Don’ts
Lecture 2: Company/Pay-Pal Registration
2.0 About Lecture 2
2.1. A Company and it’s uses
2.2. How to register a company in UK?
2.3. Buying a virtual address in the UK
2.4. Buying UK number from Pakistan
2.5. Company Registration
2.6. Opening a bank account in UK
2.7. VPS (Virtual private Server)
2.8. Registering for Pay-Pal
2.9. Using all these safely from Pakistan
2.10. Legal Accounting Matters
2.11. Stripe & Utility Bill
Lecture 3: Product Research Analysis
3.0 About Lecture 3
3.1. Dropshipping Business Journey
3.2. Product Introduction
3.3. Product Criteria
3.4. Product Hunting (4 parts)
3.5. Order Fulfilment ERPs
3.6. CJ Overview (2 parts)
Lecture 4: Setting up Shopify Store
4.0 About Lecture 4
4.1. Shopify Deep Understanding
4.2. Building a Store (2 parts)
4.3. Uploading and Optimizing Products
4.4. Images Graphics and Designing
4.5. Product Videos
4.6. Setting up Product Reviews
4.7. Setting up Upsell Products
4.8. Order received and Placing an order with supplier
Lecture 5: Dropshipping Marketing Strategies
5.0 About Lecture 5
5.1. Facebook Ads Overview
5.2. Google Ads Overview
5.3. Instagram Influencers
5.4. SEO
5.5. Email Marketing
5.6. Other Possible Marketing Platforms
5.7. Customer Service
Lecture 6: Full Lecture on Facebook Marketing
6.0 About Lecture 6
6.1. Facebook Ads Science
6.2. Facebook Ads Copy and Creative
6.3. Facebook ads Structure and Assets Creation
6.4. Facebook Ads in Product Testing
6.5. Domain Verification and Pixel
6.6. Setting up Campaigns
6.7. Performance Indicators
6.8. ABO vs. CBO
6.9. Scaling your Winning Ad Sets/Ads
6.10. Audiences and Custom Audiences
Lecture 7: Putting it all into Action
7.0 About Lecture 7
7.1. Options and Things to do…..
7.2. Analyzing these Services on Fiverr & Upwork
7.3. Independence & ways to Get Paid in Pakistan
Live Q/A Sessions and Future Updates

This section is for future updates of the course with the Latest Digital Trends

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A surprise gift for all students.

Bonus Lectures

Local E-commerce Lecture 1: Local Ecommerce Introduction
Local 1.1. Mindset & Previous Sessions
Local 1.2. Independent PL or Daraz?
Local 1.3. Budget, Risk Analysis, Breakdown
Local 1.4. Local vs. International Audience
Local 1.5 & 1.6. Shopify vs. other Platforms
Local 1.7. General Do’s, Don’ts and Perceptions
Local E-commerce Lecture 2: Product Selling
Local 2.1. Product Knowledge
Local 2.2. Product Classifications
Local 2.3. Product Journey
Local 2.4. Product Hunting Intro (3 Parts)
Local 2.5. Product Sourcing
Local 2.6. Shipping & Logistics
Local E-commerce Lecture 3: PL Marketing Strategies.
Local 3.1. Important Key Factors
Local 3.2. Easy Sales Funnels for Website
Local 3.3 Facebook Marketing for Local PL
Local 3.4. Instagram Influencers
Local 3.5. Affiliate and Email Marketing
Local 3.6. Branding
Local 3.7. Customer Service and Desi Culture

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is a user-friendly e-commerce platform that helps small businesses build an online store and sell online through one streamlined dashboard. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I Earn money Online after this Course?

Yes, of course, you can! This course will teach you more than ten skills you can offer your clients and earn money worldwide.

Kindly note that we follow a realistic and practical approach to online businesses. We don’t believe this “maheene ka 10,15 lac kamaayen” culture that is being said to students around Pakistan. But our course is more diverted towards realistic ways to get the full benefit out of it.

Moreover, the knowledge you will get from this course is guaranteed to be great, the execution and implementation of that knowledge into action depend on you.

I'm a total beginner with zero knowledge of E-commerce, Can I learn?

Yes! This course starts with grooming your mind first and then teach you proper E-commerce from start.

Why is this Course Paid?

The internet is filled with free information and courses, but there is always a difference between a free course and a paid premium course.

Trust us, your fee of 3950 won’t make us rich or even won’t be enough to cover the operational cost of this website.

Out of a large crowd looking for a course, only a few are genuine and want to learn so this fee barrier save this course from non-serious and time-wasting people.

So paying members will get the benefit of premium access to this course and they will be able to learn more from this once they know this course has value.

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Having questions? Not a problem. 

We answer all the queries of our students.

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