For beginners and intermediate people to dig into the digital world…

WordPress Website Design & Development Course…

  • Time to start earning in DOLLARS in this era of declining PKR economy.
  • Complete A-Z blueprint from skills learning to closing new clients.
  • Complete digital mindset grooming with hidden strategies and tricks.
  • Guidance and gateway to start and scale your own digital web agency .

Creating a website by an easy way.

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Course Content

Module 1: Introduction & Digital Grooming


  • Introduction to Course
  • My Introduction
  • Meet & Great
  • Mindset grooming
  • Reality check

Module 2: Website Systems & WordPress Intro


  • Website importance.
  • What skills you will Learn?
  • Multiple Business Models
  • Different Income Streams.
  • Terms like Sales Funnels & CTA
  • Website Structures
  • Programming Dynamics
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Hosting Intro
  • Difference Website platforms
  • Why WordPress?

Module 3: WordPress, HTML/CSS Programming & Page Builders


  • Appearances & Functionality
  • WordPress Dashboard Overview
  • Pages, settings, and other elements
  • What are page builders
  • Comparison and which one to use
  • Other Examples and Live samples
  • HTML and CSS Live Programming

Module 4: Page Builder Tutorial Part 1


  • Full tutorial on the page builder
  • Live examples of other websites
  • Other Marketplace Elements 

Module 5: Page Builder Tutorial Part 2


  • Detailed Explanation and walk-through
  • Creating a Website with it
  • Call to Actions

Module 6: Blogging Business Model


  • Posting Articles
  • SEO Implementing
  • Display advertising
  • Amazon affiliate business

Module 7: Hosting and Domains Part 1


  • What is website hosting and domain
  • What is database?
  • How to and where to buy hosting?
  • How to get 20% Discount on Hosting
  • What are DNS Configurations
  • Website hosting connection with DNS

Module 8: Hosting and Domains Part 2


  • File Manager
  • Backing up files
  • Business Email Dynamics and setting it up.

Module 9: Spying on the Internet


  • Spying on other websites
  • Researching for solutions
  • Niche examples
  • Tools for analyzing websites
  • Live Playing around internet

Module 10: Creating a Business Website (Live):


  • Live Business Website Creation

Module 11: Creating an E-commerce Website (Live):


  • Live E-commerce Website Creation

Module 12: Creating a Blogging Website (Live):


  • Live Blogging Website Creation

Module 13: Golden Lecture:


  • Getting into action
  • Clients Hunting processes
  • Getting Paid
  • Communication Guide
  • Closing clients.
  • Niche technique (Golden Technique)

Endless Section

  • In this section, all the course updates, new videos, bonus lectures, and Q/A Sessions will be uploaded from time to time.

Learn how to make a website.

Creating a website is as easy as a cake these days with the latest technologies and tools. Every business needs a website in this digital time and there is no better time than this to kick-start your website agency and this is exactly what I’m going to teach you. With my dedication to teach and your passion to learn, you will be expert enough to create professional websites for any business around the world after this course.

Meet Your Trainer

Hamza Yousaf

An experienced entrepreneur and a web developer who started creating websites 4 years ago and has gained a lot of stances in the digital world.
Being experienced in WordPress, he currently has his own digital agency registered in the UK. He has been providing value to businesses worldwide through his aesthetic website crafting skills that looked good and engaged visitors on a profound level.
He is learning something new every other day, and teaching skills to people, with
a vision to digitize Pakistan.

Work for International Clients (USA, UK & More…)

Earning Potential.

Do you know that an average web designer and developers charge at least 500$ and go up to 2000$ for each website project in the USA/UK? Nearly every business has a compulsory requirement of having their business website to maintain their social presence and this importance always makes them pay more.

This is the main motivating factor I always use to charge my clients more and more.

See for yourself…

1 Day No Question Asked Refund Policy

Why the Paid Course?

People often think that a free course is always best for them when in reality, that is NOT always the case. In search of a free course, people always ignore the negative consequences and impact.

After this Course, you will be able to…


Start your Web Design Agency in Pakistan

Many people in Pakistan need a website. You will be able to provide website development services to people in Pakistan.

Start your International Web Design Agency

You can build websites for international clients and grab the opportunity to maximize your earnings in Dollars.

Start your E-commerce Website

E-commerce is never too late to start. You will be able to create your store and launch your own e-commerce business.

Start your Blogging Website

You will be able to create and run your own blog and start earning through different monetization methods.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I earn money Online after this Course?

Yes, of course, you can! This course will teach you many skills you can offer your clients and earn money worldwide.

Kindly note that we follow a realistic and practical approach to online businesses. We don’t believe this “maheene ka 10,15 lac kamaayen” culture that is being said to students around Pakistan. But our course is more diverted towards realistic ways to get the full benefit out of it.

Moreover, the knowledge you will get from this course is guaranteed to be great, the execution and implementation of that knowledge into action depend on you.

I'm a total beginner with zero knowledge, Can I learn?

Yes! This course starts with grooming your mind first and then teach you proper websites building from start.

Why is this Course Paid?

The internet is filled with free information and courses, but there is always a difference between a free course and a paid premium course.

Out of a large crowd looking for a course, only a few are genuine and want to learn so this fee barrier save this course from non-serious and time-wasting people.

So paying members will get the benefit of premium access to this course and they will be able to learn more from this once they know this course has value.

Have a look at the proper differentiation of Free and paid Courses here.

What if I don't Like Your Course?

Your purchase is secured with our 1-Day Moneyback Guarantee.

How will I get access to the Course Videos and materials?

You will be granted access to our course portal where all the course videos and material will be uploaded.

How will I get support during the course If needed?

You will be added to our private WhatsApp group where all the course Q&A will be answered.

What if I have questions in future?

You will get all the support afterwards once you’ve enrolled in the course.